Air Force One

March 18, 2009

Yeah, I know I haven’t posted in an eternity but, just wanted to drop in a quick ninja post. I’m sure most of you heard that President Obama was coming to Southern California today. If you didn’t hear then you need to get out from under your rock. Anyways, he landed at the Long Beach airport which is right across the street from my job with the major runway running right behind our office. So, for anyone who cares here’s a pic of the plane landing that I took from right outside my office.


There was a lot of security and police vehicles all around the area but, luckily I didn’t get caught in any traffic mess. Okay, that’s all. See everybody in another couple of months. ūüėČ

Edit: Here’s a better pic one of my co-workers took.




January 20, 2009

I clearly haven’t been able to keep my blog updated. Looks like my ‘resolution’ to try to update more is already a massive failure. To be honest, nothing interesting has gone on with me lately and I haven’t felt imaginative enough to come up with anything to post. My next few posts will probably be few and far between. So, for the person or two who still come by here…it’s going to be a while before I have anything new up. I still read and comment on other blogs when I can, but don’t expect any new material from me for some time.


January 2, 2009

Well, it’s another new year. It’s taken me a while to get up my obligatory New Year’s post, but I’ve been pretty lazy lately. I’ve had a lot of time off from work and I’ve spent most of it out with friends, relaxing or playing my Wii. Sure, I could have come on and did a quick post sooner, but I just figured it could wait.

I don’t have any resolutions per se, but I’m going to try to start looking for another job. I need to be making more money and I don’t see the possibility for a raise anytime soon at my current job. Of course there’s the whole trying to get healthier thing, but I started working on that a few months back.

I’ll try to post on my blog more, but I’m not making any promises. Hopefully the new year brings plenty of shenanigans that I can write about. So, hope everyone has a great 2009 and I’ll see you around on your blogs.

Me-Wii Christmas!

December 25, 2008


I got a Wii for Christmas from my mom! This is now a freaking awesome Christmas. My mom rules! Now, I must go hook my Wii up and play it until my arm falls off!

This Is What Happens…

December 22, 2008

When I take¬†a week¬†off from work and have more drinking time. I’m off until next Monday so, who knows the kind of debauchery that will ensue.


So, I have a new digital camera I got for my birthday. That pic was taken with it. So, now my blog posts will have better pictures than the pics of the past that were taken with my cell phone.

To test it out I tried to have a photoshoot with my dog, but she wasn’t having it. This was the best I could get because she kept moving or turning away.



Alrighty, just wanted to drop by with a quickie post while I’m online for now.¬† I had time today since I got the Xmas shopping done early. I’ll still come by and try to catch up with everyone else’s blogs through the week.

Early Holiday Greetings

December 19, 2008


Just wanted to make sure I (and Spiderman up there) wished everyone a happy holiday season. I will be taking next week off from work and so after today I probably won’t be online much. I’ll be keeping busy doing other things, mostly sleeping.¬† I will come by to leave a comment or two on other blogs when I can. I hope everyone enjoys the holiday. I know I will enjoy every minute I don’t have to be at work!

The End Is Nigh

December 15, 2008

It’s raining in Southern Cali. This has to be a sign of the apocalypse.


Since it doesn’t rain here 99% of the time then we’re having flooding issues and the roads are a mess. I don’t mind the weather getting cooler, but rain can be a drag. Hopefully, I don’t have to swim to work tomorrow. Wait, I can’t swim so I’ll have to fashion a Macgyver raft to take to work.