It’s A Dead Man’s Party

October 31, 2008

That’s right folks. It’s the greatest day in October…Halloween!

I hope you all have a fantastic day. I have to get through the work day first. However, with all the potlucks and holiday nonsense then today shouldn’t be too bad. Then I can head off to my nightime shenanigans. I’m going to drink myself retarded tonight. Which shouldn’t be hard since all my previous years of drinking has already given me a head start. I am wearing a costume for the first time ever to work too. I am a referee, of course. Anyways, hope everyone makes it a great one no matter what you end up doing.


Liquor On The Brain

October 16, 2008

Yesterday I mentioned over on X-E that I had recently made an awesome purchase and I thought I’d share that here. This beauty is not only kick ass, but is perfect for Halloween. Yep, I bought myself some Crystal Head Vodka. Check it out.

Now, I had only recently heard of this and remembered thinking I may try to look for it. So, imagine my surprise when the rinky dink little liquor store on the corner had it! I almost broke into the robot from my excitement! The guy told me he only ordered three and I was getting the first one!

Now, the skull bottle is cool enough for me to have bought it, but I also knew Dan Akroyd was shilling the stuff so that made it extra special! I have yet to try it because I still have another bottle of vodka in the freezer to finish. But no worries, that other bottle of vodka will probably be finished by this weekend and then I’ll be able to try this stuff. For now I’m going to build it a pedestal and stare at it.

Bubba & Booze

October 6, 2008

I have to start off by saying I’m tired and Mondays suck! I had a pretty relaxed weekend though, which was nice. However, I did have an impromptu running session yesterday as I had to chase my mother’s dog around the neighborhood when he got out of her house. He’s barely two years old so he’s full of energy and runs fast! Luckily I caught him.

Anyway, aside from the pooch prison break, I spent most of the weekend just running a couple of errands and relaxing. I did manage to purchase some more Halloween decorations. I may put more pictures up later in a future post as I’m sure I’ll end up buying even more stuff. I do have a picture of my fully grown Halloween Goblin from my previous post which I named Bubba. Here he is in his full size glory.

He really only grew to be about 3-4 inches tall. The package says I can grow him again so I guess I just have to wait until he shrinks back down again.

After my day of running errands I knew I needed to booze up a little so, I had a friend over Saturday night and we decided to purchase Budweiser’s American Ale beer to try.

I actually really enjoyed it. It’s very much like an amber ale.  It’s a good malt that has a rich brown notes. It was pretty crisp as well. The flavor reminds me of Fat Tire. So, if you like Fat Tire then I would recommend this one.

Well, that sums up my weekend. Sorry the pictures are kind of dark, but I didn’t have a lot of lights on. It rained Saturday night so, we kept the lights dim and the door opened. It really felt like fall/winter and it was nice. But it’s supposed to be 90 degrees again by Wednesday…damn.

Grizzly Ghouls From Every Tomb Are Closing In To Seal My Doom

October 1, 2008

Well , here we are in the first day of October! The Halloween month. This is one of my favorite times of the year and I have been anxiously awaiting it since seeing Halloween decorations back in August. I’ll be doing more to celebrate this year and will even be dressing up. To start the month off right I did some decorating at my place. So, I thought I’d share with the blogosphere some of the things I’ve done so far.  Now, I didn’t make my own haunted house or anything because, basically, I’m broke. But, I made do with some stuff I found at the dollar store. I just have to say I freaking love the dollar stores so damn much I want to marry them! They used to not have too great of stuff, but you can find some really good deals now and decent merchandise. And I’m cheap as hell so this works out great for me! 

Anyways, most of the decorations usually fall to the entertainment center. Aside from the DVD’s, stereo, and TV there really isn’t much else on it. So, we take advantage of the extra space to decorate for all the holidays. First off is the middle of the entertainment center which is enclosed with sliding glass doors. I made that a mini cemetery. I still need to add more to it, but for now I worked with what I had. If I had a lot of money I would make an actual haunted house and charge a ridiculous amount to let people in and make a huge profit. (Hhhmm…note to self, have haunted house next year and rip off the neighbors.)  Anyhoo, here’s a few pics of some of the stuff (so far) up.

That pumpkin lights up. Here’s a video of the skull I have on the other side that also lights up.

I would’ve taken more pictures, but it was hot yesterday and I really just wanted to sit in front of my fan and not do anything. Taking pictures requires movement and I wasn’t having anymore of it yesterday.

Also, in the recent trend of ‘grow your own’ stuff. I decided to purchase a grow your own Halloween Goblin. Which is really just a pumpkin head attached to an orange body with what appears to be overalls on.

Apparently he’s supposed to grow 600% his size in the standard 72 hours. Here’s the little guy before going into the drink.

And here we have him laying comfortably in his own private pool. And yes, that is a football shaped chip dish. Come on, you people should know me by now! If it’s football or Spiderman, I probably own it.

I’ll post again on Friday (maybe Saturday) and show you the progress. The package says I can grow him over and over again. So, he’s just the gift that keeps on giving. I think I’ll call him Bubba.

So, that’s how I spent a portion of my day. I’m tired now. I’m going to sit in front of my flashing skull and enjoy a mini Jones Halloween soda.