This Is What Happens…

December 22, 2008

When I take a week off from work and have more drinking time. I’m off until next Monday so, who knows the kind of debauchery that will ensue.


So, I have a new digital camera I got for my birthday. That pic was taken with it. So, now my blog posts will have better pictures than the pics of the past that were taken with my cell phone.

To test it out I tried to have a photoshoot with my dog, but she wasn’t having it. This was the best I could get because she kept moving or turning away.



Alrighty, just wanted to drop by with a quickie post while I’m online for now.  I had time today since I got the Xmas shopping done early. I’ll still come by and try to catch up with everyone else’s blogs through the week.


Home Again

December 1, 2008

So, I’m back from Vegas. I actually got back Saturday afternoon, but I had a lot of rest to catch up on! The trip went well. Getting there was a pain because I had to get through some rush hour traffic at first. So, what would have been a 3.5/4 hour drive turned into 6. But I eventually made it. I stayed at Ceasar’s Palace and got my room comp upgraded from a standard to their Palace Tower Deluxe room.



My room had two queen beds though, but I forgot to take pictures of it so I took these off the casino’s website. Other than that, this is exactly what the room was like. However, I did get a picture of one of their many fountains.


I didn’t hit the jackpot or win any big bucks because I stuck to the penny slots. I’m not much of a gambler I’m more of a drinker so I did plenty of that. Here’s a final picture I remembered to take while I played the penny slots and drank.


My pictures are a little blurry because I spent a lot of time drinking. I didn’t even take many pics because I’ve been to Vegas so many times it just didn’t seem necessary. Anyways, I’m back in Cali and back to work. My obnoxious co-worker is already getting on my nerves! I wish I was back in Vegas! Anyways, hope the rest of you had a great Thanksgiving.

Bubba & Booze

October 6, 2008

I have to start off by saying I’m tired and Mondays suck! I had a pretty relaxed weekend though, which was nice. However, I did have an impromptu running session yesterday as I had to chase my mother’s dog around the neighborhood when he got out of her house. He’s barely two years old so he’s full of energy and runs fast! Luckily I caught him.

Anyway, aside from the pooch prison break, I spent most of the weekend just running a couple of errands and relaxing. I did manage to purchase some more Halloween decorations. I may put more pictures up later in a future post as I’m sure I’ll end up buying even more stuff. I do have a picture of my fully grown Halloween Goblin from my previous post which I named Bubba. Here he is in his full size glory.

He really only grew to be about 3-4 inches tall. The package says I can grow him again so I guess I just have to wait until he shrinks back down again.

After my day of running errands I knew I needed to booze up a little so, I had a friend over Saturday night and we decided to purchase Budweiser’s American Ale beer to try.

I actually really enjoyed it. It’s very much like an amber ale.  It’s a good malt that has a rich brown notes. It was pretty crisp as well. The flavor reminds me of Fat Tire. So, if you like Fat Tire then I would recommend this one.

Well, that sums up my weekend. Sorry the pictures are kind of dark, but I didn’t have a lot of lights on. It rained Saturday night so, we kept the lights dim and the door opened. It really felt like fall/winter and it was nice. But it’s supposed to be 90 degrees again by Wednesday…damn.