This Is What Happens…

December 22, 2008

When I take a week off from work and have more drinking time. I’m off until next Monday so, who knows the kind of debauchery that will ensue.


So, I have a new digital camera I got for my birthday. That pic was taken with it. So, now my blog posts will have better pictures than the pics of the past that were taken with my cell phone.

To test it out I tried to have a photoshoot with my dog, but she wasn’t having it. This was the best I could get because she kept moving or turning away.



Alrighty, just wanted to drop by with a quickie post while I’m online for now.  I had time today since I got the Xmas shopping done early. I’ll still come by and try to catch up with everyone else’s blogs through the week.


Why Must I Chase The Cat

October 8, 2008

Sorry, had a little George Clinton mood for a minute there as I thought about my dog related post here. I was discussing with a friend about my mother’s dog’s escape attempt on Sunday and the heart attack he almost gave me. We got to talking about how he didn’t realize how scared I was that something could happen to him, obviously when he looked at me with that dumb puppy “what did I do?” look. Oh, how we become very close to our pets. I’ve always had dogs growing up so, I’ve become accustomed to having them around. I love all animals, but have always been a dog person all my life. Plus, we were always ‘rough housing’ as kids and a dog seemed to fit into that mix quite well. I’m surprised our wreckless child selves never accidentally hurt a dog. However, a dog did break my arm once. Anyhoo, I’ve already mentioned my girl Kyna ad nauseum on this blog. So, one more time won’t make a difference.

Look how pretty she is (me, biased? nah.) She is a really sweet dog and I can’t imagine not having her. Unfortunately she came from an abusive home when I adopted her. I get very upset every time I think about the abuse she and other dogs/animals have to endure from idiots on a daily basis. Don’t even get me started on Michael Vick. I think pets are great therapy and I’m sure anyone out there with pets can agree with me. I would sometimes watch Animal Cops and pretty much be angry and/or sad throughout it. I just don’t think there is any reason to hurt an animal. It really upsets me when stupid people get pets and then neglect them. With people like this I think the punishment should fit the crime. If they starve a dog then they should starve too. Sounds fair to me. I think I should run for Governor and pass this as a state law. I know I would be better than Arnold Schwarzenegger (freaking California voters…sigh).

Anyway, I’m going to go make another donation to the ASPCA , but not PETA because they’re morons. Sorry, if there’s PETA supporters out there, but most of the crap they spew is nonsensical BS.

Just felt like giving props to pets and fellow pet owners. So, I’ll leave you all now with this video I found which shows why pets rule.

Dog Gone It!

August 24, 2008

I was doing some shopping yesterday and I came across vitamin water for dogs! So, I bought a bottle of the stuff. It smells sort of like fruit punch and my dog seems to like it. They had different kinds. I got the joint care one since my dog is getting older and is a bit chubby. I’ll buy the other kinds later.

I also saw a box of individual 50 calorie treat packs for dogs. I didn’t get those because they were a bit pricey. They freaking make everything for dogs now.

Tugging At The Heart Strings

August 19, 2008

I just watched this video of a mother gorilla mourning the death of her baby as she carries his lifeless body around. It’s truly sad to watch. Even though the video says the death may have been caused by the mother’s neglect, it’s still very hard to watch her cradle him. I got a little sad watching this so, just letting you know.

Creepy By Olympic Proportions

August 8, 2008

With the start of the Olympics, I keep running into stories, banners, or ads for it. In casually glancing at some stuff I saw a picture of the mascots. Is it just me or are the 2008 Beijing Olympic mascot’s kind of creepy looking?

They remind me of those 80s/90s horror movies where toys come to life and kill you. I swear I’m going to see the shadows of these little freaks running around in my bedroom tonight!

According to the official website:

Fuwa embody the natural characteristics of four of China’s most popular animals — the Fish, the Panda, the Tibetan Antelope, the Swallow — and the Olympic Flame.

All I know is that smug looking bastard panda is giving me the evil eye! And why does he appear to be in a boxer’s stance?! He’s the little SOB that I’m going to find sneaking into my room tonight…I just know it.

I’m One Of Them!

July 26, 2008

I’ve become one of those pet owners who goes overboard celebrating their dog’s birthday! Today I purchased my dog her very own doggie cake!!! It’s actually a pretty cool cake and not too bad at $20.

The edge is a little messed up because she jumped up trying to get at her cake. It smelled really good! And tasted good too. Yeah, I tried it. It tasted like a peanut butter cake…yum!

Here’s my girl anxiously awaiting to dig in to her cake. And in my defense look how stinking cute she is. How can I not buy her a cake…Oh, God…I’m really becoming one of them…sigh.

And of course the frosting on the nose picture…

And the thing that officially reserved me a spot in the dorky pet owner club…I bought her a Swarovski crystal collar that cost me a cool $60!!!!

So, that’s how I spent my Saturday afternoon. Yeah, I’m a goober, but I don’t really plan to have kids so I spoil my dog. I now officially resign myself from the human race…thank you and good night!

Update: My dog was added to the Dog Bakery’s website. She’s a celebrity now. I think I hear the paparazzi outside.

Damn, I Wish I Was Rich…

July 15, 2008

Because then I could buy the Rock-Afire Explosion from Showbiz Pizza to have in my very own home!!!! Bill initially posted about his not so great childhood experience with Showbiz Pizza and the animitronic band and most of us can relate, but can you imagine the awesomeness of having the Rock-Afire explosion in your own freaking house now?! No? Maybe it’s just me. I need to figure out who the winning bidder of this auction ends up being and devise a plan to become their new friend!