Balls In The Air

With the football season upon us, it seems that my co-worker, a Packers fan, has decided to place his Packers football on the wall of his cubicle again. I’ve always had my Rams one up, but he took his down for a while.  The thing is that the guy sits right next to me. So, this is the view I get coming in. (Click on the picture to make it larger)

The only good thing is my football is on the wall right between us so, he sees it all day. His football is on the wall to his far right so, once I sit down I don’t see it anymore…whew.

And just for sh*ts and giggles, here’s some of the other random football crap lingering on my desk.

I always keep Rams stuff around as a sort of good luck charm…I can see how well that’s been working out so far. 😕


And another fun note of good times at work, I love the passive aggressive notes that are placed in the bathroom. The even greater thing about this sign is that it is on the wall to the right of the sinks, which means someone purposely splashed water on it as a symbolic “F*** You!” to whoever put the sign up. 😆


Also, I’ve been helping my mother do some cleaning around her house. In doing so, I’ve found a big box I have of small Spiderman tin boxes. All brand new and individually wrapped in plastic. I’m thinking of giving some away to my fellow bloggers. So, look for a post sometime next week in regards to being able to have your very own Spiderman tin! I’ll only be giving away about 5. I’ll start thinking of how I want to do this to narrow down who the lucky recipients will be.


12 Responses to Balls In The Air

  1. gingela5 says:

    How about the person who got soaked clean it up?! It’s obviously bothering them more than anyone! 🙂

  2. Billy says:

    I was ripping on the Raiders the other night and made a friend. It’s nice to make friends out of spite.

  3. DC says:

    Gingela: My thoughts exactly. They probably took more time to make the sign then it would have taken to wipe the counter.

    Bill: Ah, yes. The Raiders bashing bond is always the best. However, I live in So. Cal. so, I can’t rip on a Raiders fan to their face or…I die. They will shank you in a split second here! My ex was a Raiders fan though…so I harrassed the hell out of him about his team. 😆

  4. Billy says:

    Yeah, everyday is Halloween in Raider-ville.

  5. Dan says:

    Speaking of the Raiders, did I mention how badly the Broncos beat them the other night? XD Sorry, had to throw that in there. Can’t wait to hear about the contest!

  6. Saint says:

    You definitely need to send the picture of that sign to . They have the best passive aggressive notes from all over.

  7. Mike says:

    I was going to say the same thing as Saint. Send it in. The only signs we have in the bathroom are, “out of order.”. I swear there is always something broken.

    Your desk is very neat by the way. 🙂

  8. DC says:

    Dan: Yeah, you mentioned. 😡 lol. I’m hoping to post the contest tomorrow.

    Saint: Thanks! I might send it in. 😛

    Mike: My desk is always neat. I have a weird thing about having papers scattered everywhere.

  9. DJ D says:

    Your office looks exactly like a place I worked at a couple of years ago. Do all offices with cubicles look alike? I’m starting to think so. I had some Halloween decorations up in my cube and they included a posable cardboard skeleton that was pinned up on the wall. Someone took the liberty of posing him in a different “questionable” pose every morning before I came in. I never found out who it was but I had my suspicions. I eventually was told to take the decorations down because they were afraid that clients would come in and since my cube was near the front entrance someone would be offended. God forbid if we actually have any fun at work.

    Speaking of passive-aggressive notes, someone put some great ones up in the men’s room at my current place. The cleaning ladies come in twice a week and they have a tendancy to put the toilet paper rolls on backwards, so they’re inside, you know. I don’t know about you, but that’s punishable by firing squad in my book. It’s just not done. Anyways, a guy in the office posted up instructions on the wall all around the toilet paper rolls on how to properly put a “forward facing” roll on. It was both incredibly dick-ish and incredibly hilarious.

    One nerdy note–since you’re a big Spider-Man fan, shouldn’t your name be Marvel instead of DC? I mean, isn’t DC kind of a betrayal to Stan Lee? Oh, and if you’re ever up for a “Who could win in a fight between Spider-Man and Batman” debate, I’m game. Bring it.

  10. DC says:

    DJD: That skeleton thing sounds hilarious! I may have to do that if they decide to put one up around here.

    And passive aggresive notes are the norm around here. There had been a few in the past about flushing the toilet too.

    As for the DC, it really has nothing to do with the comics. It’s a personal nickname given to me a few years back. I never thought about the DC/Marvel association until later. Stan Lee won’t mind, he’s coming over later for beer bongs.

  11. This reminds me of my old job and a note management had posted in the bathroom:
    “If you sprinkle when you tinkle, please be neat and wipe the seat.”

  12. […] Are you starting to get an idea of just how much of a fan I am yet? And these are only a few things. I didn’t feel like taking pictures of everything. Plus, I’ve already posted the pics of my furniture and of the things I have at work. […]

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