Weekend Happenings

September 29, 2008

So, I thought I’d post a quick blurb on the weekend and it’s events. This is just a short post as I had one heck of a busy long weekend and I’m exhausted today. I really just want to take a nap under my desk, but apparently they frown on that at my job.

Some of you have already brought it up, and yes I’m well aware that Scott Linehan was fired as the Rams head coach. I doubt anyone is surprised by that. They are 0-4, have been outscored 147-43, have a paper thin defense and Linehan’s decision to bench Bulger for old man Trent Green is baffling. I can only hope that Chip Rosenbloom is working on making a lot more needed changes to get this team back to form.

On another note, I fell once again this weekend. I think this is my 3rd fall this year. Unfortunately, I re-injured my already bad knee and it’s bruised and swollen. Therefore I’m in some pain and rather uncomfortable. So, my mind isn’t focused too much which is why I don’t have a better post today. I’ll hopefully have more in the next couple of days. For now, I just want to go home, ice my knee, and take a nap!


My Siamese Twin

September 24, 2008

For the last few days I’ve been trying to fight off what seems to be the onset of a cold. I’ve done pretty good and only on Monday did I feel extra worn out. I was starting to think yesterday that I may win this fight against mother nature. Then mother nature came with a blind left hook and gave me…a cold sore! A freaking cold sore!!!! It’s like I have a third nipple growing out of the corner of my lip! The worst part is I have errands to run later and there’s nothing like going out with a cold sore and having people look at it instead of you. You know those times people try so hard not to look at it, but their eyes gravitate towards it anyway. You know they’re trying to figure out if I got the herpes and forming judgements in their head.


At least I don’t really feel sick yet. I actually feel better than I did on Monday. I just hope this damn lip deformity goes away sooner rather than later! I may end up working the freak show circuit a la Joseph Merrick! I really wish this week would stop kicking my ass!

You Talkin’ To Me?

September 23, 2008

I have a situation at work that causes me to wonder when people are talking to me. There are two other co-workers here who share my first name. Those of you who know my real first name will know that it’s not a super common name. I’ve actually never worked anywhere with someone having the same name as me. Now, the last 3 years I’ve been at this company I’ve worked with two others that have the same name. So, I’m constantly hearing my name and wondering if they’re talking to me or even about me. It’s a little frustrating.

The worst is when we get a new receptionist, which is often, and she forgets to use a last name or initial when she pages. So, the three of us end up wondering which one of us is actually being paged.

I’ve heard my name a handful of times today. Only once was someone actually talking to me. I think I should start putting on my resume that I can not work in an office where someone else shares my name, unless they agree to be called Bucky once I start.

Why isn’t it Friday yet???

Also, be sure to check out Dan’s post on his Spidey tin. It’s a great read and he’s got a piece on the Batman Happy Meal.

If You Ain’t First, You’re Last

September 22, 2008

So, I had quite a busy weekend. Before I proceed with my uneventful summary I suggest reading DJ D’s post on the Spidey tin he won from me. He even makes fun of me a little in it. So, go on and read it. You will not be disappointed.

On to the weekend. I decided on Saturday morning to walk to my mother’s house instead of drive. I figured it’s a good way to get some exercise in and save on gas money. It took me an hour and a half to get there. I think I’ll drive next time. Anyhoo, since I walked I took streets that I don’t normally drive through much. So, I noticed a few things I hadn’t paid much attention to before. One of those things that caught my eye was this.

Sorry the picture is dark, but that says T&A Taco. Suggestive much? Perhaps a little subliminal advertising at work? I can only imagine the confused men coming in there only to realize that it is in fact nothing more than an eating establishment. I was quite amused. So, I guess it was good that I walked or I would have not seen this for a while.

I also did a little shopping with my mom in the afternoon. I saw these at Wal-Mart.

Those are mozzarella stick and onion blossom flavored Pringles. Has anyone tried these? I didn’t buy any because I’m trying to cut back on my junk food intake. Plus, I wasn’t sure if I’d like them. I need some feedback from someone who’s tried them first. If someone tells me they’re okay, then I might give them a shot.

Sunday was spent all day at the sports bar watching football. My team lost, they’re 0-3, they suck…blah, blah, blah. But it was fun being there with the other football fans. Even had a friendly little argument with a 49ers fan. Now I’m tired and a little hungover. I may have to leave work early because I’m “sick”. I need a nap!

That sums my last couple of days up. How was everybody else’s weekend?

Why The Y?

September 18, 2008

Like many people today, I go to the gym. Now, first off, I have to mention that I hate going to the gym. Yep, I said it…I hate going to the gym! I only go because age has caught up with me and my body has given up on quickly metabolizing everything I eat. I have to go now. If I could go through life eating whatever the hell I wanted with out worrying about my weight then I’d be in heaven or the burger joint down the street. But, that’s not the case. I wanted to clarify that before some fitness fanatic finds my blog through a Google search and wants to talk ‘fitness goals’ or ‘chart an exercise plan’. That’s all great for those of you who love working out, but for me it’s my Achilles heel. Which by the way hurts a little from yesterday’s workout.

I don’t go to a ‘regular’ gym, as in, I don’t go to 24hr Fitness or Bally’s…etc. I go to the YMCA. Luckily there’s one a couple of blocks away from me. I chose the YMCA because of it’s family atmosphere and the fact that it’s much bigger than any of the gyms nearby me. I will always be able to find a machine to workout on no matter what time I go. I also enjoy the family feel. Unlike other gyms, I don’t see ‘Sally Clothes Too Tight’ in full on make up looking like she’s going to a photo shoot instead of to workout. Or ‘Beefy Muscle Shirt Bob’ who’s stacking up the weights and grunting and sighing away so everyone can see what a buff specimen of a man he is as he stares at himself in the mirror. Look, I prefer to keep the grunting and heavy breathing to the bedroom, which is the only time sweating is good…but I’m getting off track. That’s a story for another day.

In going to the YMCA, I’ve made quite a few observations about some of the quirks of those who come here instead. Sometimes it’s amusing and sometimes it irks me, but it’s always blog material. So, I figured I’d share some of the goins’ on at the Y.

The one thing I have never been able to understand is how anyone can workout in jeans. Well, there are a few people who show up to workout in less than comfortable attire! First off, wouldn’t wearing jeans be a little chaffing and secondly, denim is not breathable! I know everyone has at least something besides jeans they can workout in. Heck, show up in your PJ’s at least. Just this week I saw a man come in, not only in jeans, but a dress shirt. What the??? Who the heck doesn’t have a T-Shirt? And even if he was just getting out of work, it only takes a second to switch into it! There also tends to be a few high schoolers around. Some decide that the best workout outfit is Dickies shorts and Vans. Of course there are the emo kids who show up in their skinny jeans who just kind of walk on a treadmill all the while making sure not to mess up their douchebag emo haircut. Which I don’t see the point of doing anything healthy to live longer if the world and life is so depressing. Shouldn’t you be at home cutting yourself anyway?! I’ll give you something to be sad about kid. Whoa, sorry, off on a tangent again. But, the point, don’t wear jeans and Dickies to the gym. It’s so easy to get anything else to wear. Quit being dumb people!

Because the YMCA is so family oriented, then that means many people bring their kids. For the babies and toddlers they have a day care. For the slightly older kids they have rooms with Foosball tables and things to draw and color with or use as projectiles to stab little Billy in the eye. Then we get to the pre-teens. They can participate in basketball, swim in the pool or workout with their parent as long as they’re supervised. There lies the problem. Parents tend to not supervise them and the kids start using the gym equipment as if they were in a playground. Just yesterday a mother came in with her son who must have been about 12. While mom is walking on the treadmill talking to her friend about the neighbor’s bad perm job, junior is running around like a rabid monkey. He decided to play on the obliques rotator and just twist wildly on it. The weights kept slamming down as he rotated away. I look towards mom and she is oblivious to the fact that her kid is about to break thousands of dollars worth of equipment. Finally, someone asked the kid to get the heck off. So,  junior went to go use the treadmill next to mom, but kept turning it on and off. Of course his mom never once made an attempt to discipline him. Obvious she doesn’t understand the fact that constantly having to replace gym equipment means the possibility of our rates going up. I think the gym should be like Survivor and we should be able to cast people off. Mother of the year here and her devil spawn would be my first vote.

All in all the Y isn’t so bad. These are just a couple of the things that I found to be interesting to say the least. I would still choose the Y over another gym anytime. It’s a much more comfortable atmosphere, especially since I really don’t enjoy going. Maybe I could skip the gym altogether and invest in some Super Colon Cleanse. Excuse me, I got some phone calls to make.

Edit: Here’s some pictures of the Y. I took these to give you an idea of what the place looks like. I would have taken more, but I needed to get my workout on.

In A Nutshell

September 16, 2008

Sadly, this sums up the Rams right now. I didn’t come into this season expecting much after last year’s 3-13 run, but I had hoped for the smallest semblance of improvement.

The offensive line looks just as bad as last year. Bulger has no protection out there and he knows it. At times he looks like a lost child at a mall waiting for mommy to come save him. He’s not a running QB so, no protection means he’ll probably be eating grass most of the time.

The defense is a joke too. Jim Hasslett has no business being a defensive coordinator.  The Rams have given up 963 yards?! 963 YARDS IN TWO GAMES!!

There needs to be serious changes made both on the team and the coaching staff! The front office needs to open it’s eyes and start working on a plan to get this team back to form!

Alright, there’s my rant. I’m going to avoid football rants this season…at least on my blog. No one is going to want to hear me complain all the time. 8)

Edit: So, my co-worker gave me this mini helmet this morning.

He said maybe it’ll be good luck and my team can win this week. I really hope so!

The Winners!

September 14, 2008

Well, it’s time to officially announce the winners of the Spiderman tin giveaway. They are: Dan, Saint, Mike, and DJ D. I actually have one more tin to giveaway, but didn’t get my final correct answer in the previous post. If the correct answer is given  in this post then I’ll still give the fifth and final tin away.

For those of you who won, you can email me at greenapplesandkoolaid@gmail.com with an address you want your tin sent to. I’m going to try to get them sent this week. I’ll email each of you when I send it so you can keep an eye out for it.

Enjoy! 8)